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Frequently Asked Questions

What keywords should I use in my content?

You can use your business oriented keyword to connect it to your website. However, it is up to you if you want the connection on the keyword, anchor text, or your brand name.

Will I be provided with the write-up for its approval?

No. We do not provide the write-up for the approval of the client, because we have efficient writers to work on it. Although, we will mail you the published post(s).

What is the turnaround time?

5-10 business days is the turnaround time for you to expect your blog on the respective blogging site.

What if I want my blog/post to be removed?

If you want your blog/post to be removed, then we will do it but you will not be given any refund for the removal of the post.

What kind websites will not be entertained?

  • Sexual/Porn site
  • Casino/Gambling website
  • Unnatural looking sites
  • Spammy sites

What happens if the blogging website goes down?

We provide you the advantage of fixing or replacing the blog within one year of your order placement.

What kind of content will not be considered?

  • Less than 400 words
  • Foreign language Content
  • Copied content

What if I want a customised package?

For a customised package you can drop us an email and we will revert back in less than two business days for you to help you out.

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